Gerhard S. MundingerGerhard S. Mundinger, M.D.

Gerhard Salomo ("Sol") Mundinger is currently an integrated plastic surgery resident in the Johns Hopkins Hospital / University of Maryland Medical Center Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery program. His clinical and research interests include microsurgery, craniofacial reconstruction, vascularized composite tissue allotransplantation (hand and face transplantation), vascularized bone marrow transplantation, and lymphatic regeneration following free tissue transfer.


Dr. Mundinger was born in Washington, D.C, and grew up in Madison, Mississippi, where he attended Saint Andrew's Epsicopal School.  He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, majoring in Biology, Environmental Policy and Behavior, and Resource Ecology and Mangement. He attended medical school at Johns Hopkins University, during which time he completed a year of dedicated research in the Surgery Branch and Laboratory of Pathology at the National Institutes of Health under a Clinical Research Training Program fellowship. He received an American Association for Cancer Research Busch Scholar-in-Training Award for his work on reverse phase protein microarray in 2007. Subsequently, he began residency in the joint Johns Hopkins Hospital/University of Maryland integrated plastic surgery residency program. He completed two years of dedicated research investigating the immunobiology of non-human primate facial and fibular vascularized composite allografts at the University of Maryland Medical Center from 2009-2011. During this time, he was awarded a Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Fellowship to explore the ability of vascularized bone marrow transplants to support solid organ allograft survival and function.  He has authored over fifteen peer-reviewed publications and five book chapters, and has been an invited speaker at over a dozen national and international scientific meetings.


Residency: 2007-present, Johns Hopkins Hospital/University of Maryland Medical Center Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Program
Medical: M.D. 2007, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland

Undergraduate: B.S.(Biology; Environmental Policy and Behavior; Resource Ecology and Management), 2001, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
High School: 1997, Saint Andrew's Episcopal School, Ridgeland, Mississippi

Research Experience

2009-2011: University of Maryland Medical Center Vascularized Composite Tissue Allotransplantation Laboratory, Baltmore, Maryland
2005-2006: National Institues of Health Clinical Research Training Program, Bethesda, Maryland

Completed Grant Support

7/1/2010-6/30/2011:     Simultaneous Renal and Vascularized Bone Allotransplantation
                                         Plastic Surgery Eduational Foundation Fellowship Award
                                         Principal Investigator: Gerhard S. Mundinger, M.D.
                                         Sponsor: Eduardo D. Rodriguez, M.D., D.D.S.
                                         Award 173196

6/1/2010-5/31/2011:    Chimerism and Tolerance in Composite Tissue Transplantation
Office of Naval Research
                                        Principal Investigator: Stephen T. Bartlett, M.D.
                                        Co- Principal Investigator: Eduardo D. Rodriguez, M.D., D.D.S.
                                        Co- Principal Investigator: Rolf N. Barth, M.D.
                                        Co-Investigator: Gerhard S. Mundinger, M.D.                         
                                        Award N00014-10-1-0868

Curriculum Vitae


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Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Mundinger GS, Narushima M, Hui-Chou HG, Jones LS, Ha JS, Shipley ST, Dorafshar AH, Koshima I, Bartlett ST, Barth RN, Rodriguez ED. Infrared Fluorescence Imaging of Lymphatic Regeneration in Non-Human Primate Facial Vascularized Composite Allografts. In Press in Ann Plast Surg. November, 2011.

Mithani SK, Kelamis JA, Mundinger GS, Brooke BS, Smith IM, Bluebond-Langer R, Rodriguez ED.The Prevalence of Cervical Spine Injury, Head Injury, or Both with Isolated and Multiple Craniomaxillofacial Fractures. Plast Reconstr Sur. 2012. 129(1): 163e.

Mundinger GS,
Prucz RB, Rozen SM, Tufaro AP. Reconstruction of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve with Bioabsorbable Polyglycolic Acid Nerve Conduits. Plast Reconstr Sur. 2012. 129(1):110e-7e.

Magarakis M, Mundinger GS, Kelamis AJ, Dorafshar AH, Bojovic B, Rodriguez ED. Ocular injury, visual impairment, and blindness associated with facial factures: A systematic literature review. Plast Reconstr Sur. 2012. 129(1):227-233.

Mundinger GS, Kelamis JA, Kim SH, Magarakis M, Jones LS, Ha JA, Rodriguez ED. Tunneled
superficial inferior epigastric artery (SIEA) myocutaneous / vascularized femur chimeric flaps: a model to study the role of vascularized bone marrow in composite allografts. In Press in Microsurgery. August, 2011. doi: 10.1022/micr.20957.
Mundinger GS, Nam AJ, Hui-Chou HG, Stanwix MG, Jones LS, Drachenberg CB, Kukuruga D, Shipley ST, Dorafshar AH, Panda A, Bartlett ST, Barth RN, Rodriguez ED. Non-human primate model of fibula vascularized composite allotransplantation demonstrates donor-recipient bony union. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2011. 128(6):1193-1204
Kelamis JA, Mundinger GS, Feiner JM, Dorafshar AH, Manson PN, Rodriguez ED. Clinical significance of isolated bilateral zygomatic arch fractures: a retrospective review. Plast Reconstr Surg. 128(4):962-70.
Barth RN, Rodriguez ED, Mundinger GS, Nam AJ, Ha JS, Hui-Chou HG, Jones LS, Panda A, Shipley ST, Drachenberg CB, Kukuruga DL, Bartlett ST. Vascularized bone marrow prevents rejection of composite tissue allografts in non-human primates. Am  J Transplant. 2011. 11(7): 1407-16.
Yamamoto T,  Narushima M, Doi K, Oshima A, Ogata F, Mihara M, Koshima I, Mundinger GS. Characteristic indocyanine green lymphography findings in lower extremity lymphedema: the generation of a novel lymphedema severity staging system using dermal backflow patterns. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2010. 127(5):1979-86.
Mundinger GS, Narushima M, Koshima I. Letter to the editor. Pedicled perforator flaps: a new principle in reconstructive surgery. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2010.126(6):2295-6. Author reply 2296.
Mundinger GS, Steinbacher D, Bishop J, Tufaro AP. Giant pilomatricoma of the cheek: case report and literature review. J Craniomaxillofac Surg. 2011. 39(7):519-24. Epub April 22nd , 2010.
Narushima M, Mihara M, Yamamoto Y, Iida T, Koshima I, Mundinger GS. The intravascular stenting method (IVaS) for treatment of lymphedema with multi-configuration lymphaticovenous anastomoses. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2010. 125(3):935-43.
Narushima M, Mihara M, Koshima I, Gonda K, Takuya I, Kato H,  Araki J, Yamamoto Y, Yuhei O, Todokoro T, Ishikawa S, Eri U, Mundinger GS. Digital artery perforator (DAP) flaps: modifications for fingertip and finger stump reconstruction. J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. 2009. 63(8):1312-7.
Mundinger GS, Gust S, Micchelli ST, Fishman EK, Hruban RH, Wolfgang C. Adult pancreatic hemangioma: case report and review of the literature. Gastroenterology Res and Pract. 2009;2009:839730 Epub May 3.
Pernas FG, Allen CT, Winters ME, Yan B, Friedman J, Dabir B, Saigal K, Mundinger GS, Xu X, Morris JC, Calvo KR, Van Waes C, Chen Z. Proteomic signatures of epidermal growth factor receptor and survival signal pathways correspond to gefitinib sensitivity in head and neck cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2009. 15(7): 2361-2372.
Mundinger GS, Weiss C, Fishman EK. Severe tracheobronchial stenosis and cervical vertebral subluxation in a case of x-linked recessive chondrodysplasia punctata. Pediatr Radiol.  2009. 39(6):625-628.
Narushima M, Mihara M, Koshima I, Gonda K, Takuya I, Kato H, Nakanishi K, Yamamoto Y, Araki J, Abe H, Mundinger GS, Kikuchi K, Uehara E. Intravascular stenting (IVaS) method for fingertip replantation.  Ann Plast Surg. 2009. 62(1):38-41.
Sciortino C, Mundinger GS, Kuwayama D, Yang S, Sussman M. Treatment of severe subcutaneous emphysema with a negative pressure wound therapy dressing. Eplasty. 2009;9:e1.
Mundinger GS, Rozen SM, Carson B, Greenberg RS, Redett RJ. Case report: full- thickness forehead burn over indwelling titanium hardware resulting from an aberrant intraoperative electrocautery circuit. Eplasty. 2007. 20;8:e1.
Mundinger GS, Espina V, Liotta LA, Petricoin EF, Calvo K. Clinical phosphoproteomic profiling for personalized targeted medicine using reverse phase protein microarray. Targeted Oncology. 2006. 1(3):151-167.


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